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26 | A CAT OWNER'S HANDBOOK INDOORS OR OUTDOORS? Each year, thousands of outdoor cats fall victim to cars, wildlife predators, animal cruelty and other hazards. Outdoor cats are also more likely to contract parasites, viruses and diseases. Outdoor cats often get into fights with other stray or outdoor cats, which can lead to bite wound abscesses and the spread of fatal diseases such as feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus. The life expectancy for an indoor cat is up to six times longer than that of an outdoor cat. BEWARE OF THESE HEALTH HAZARDS DID YOU KNOW? In cold weather, outdoor cats may climb under the hood of a vehicle to seek a source of heat. Before you start your vehicle, bang on the hood once or twice. ❒ Lilies (very toxic and can be fatal) ❒ Autumn crocus ❒ Azalea ❒ Cyclamen ❒ Kalanchoe ❒ Oleander ❒ Dieffenbachia ❒ Daffodils ❒ Lily of the Valley ❒ Sago Palm ❒ Tulips and Hyacinths *Source – Pet Poison Hotline TOP 10 POISONOUS PLANTS Cats love to explore, and trips outside can be an adventure. However, it's much safer to keep your feline companion indoors. It's also much safer for the birds and wildlife your cat might hunt! If you want to provide your feline with a chance to get outside, supervised outdoor excursions may be the answer. Train your cat to wear a leash or harness and supervise her outdoors. Some municipalities require cats to remain on their owners' property. HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS There are many household products that are dangerous if ingested and should be kept away from cats and other pets. These products include: • Antifreeze, gasoline, oil and other automotive products • Detergents, bleach and cleaning agents • Insect and rodent bait • Dental floss, yarn or string • Holiday decorations, including lights and tinsel • Human medications • Human foods

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