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OVMA 420 Bronte Street South, Suite 205, Milton, Ontario L9T 0H9 T. 905.875.0756 or 1.800.670.1702 (toll-free) F. 905.875.0958 or 1.877.482.5941 (toll-free) OVMA Position Statement – Non-Domesticated Wild Caught Animals as Pets OVMA is opposed to the capture of wild animals to be kept or sold as pets. Background: Many wild-caught exotic pets may endure unnecessary suffering and death during capture, transportation, merchandising and husbandry. This further depletes these species, many of which are considered at risk of being endangered or becoming extinct. Information on the optimum care and feeding of many wild animals is not readily available; therefore, the keeping of these animals as pets often results in unnecessary suffering and premature death. For these reasons, along with possible public health concerns with some exotic pets*, OVMA cannot condone the trade in captured wild animals as pets. *Any vertebrate, excluding fish, that normally lives in a wild or natural state and has not been subject to domestication through selective or controlled breeding. (December 11, 1991 Board)

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