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OVMA 420 Bronte Street South, Suite 205, Milton, Ontario L9T 0H9 T. 905.875.0756 or 1.800.670.1702 (toll-free) F. 905.875.0958 or 1.877.482.5941 (toll-free) OVMA Position Statement – The Use of Pound Animals in Medical Research OVMA recognizes that research involving the use of pound source animals is necessary in cases where these animals are the most appropriate models, when there are no scientifically acceptable replacement alternatives, and when the studies have been shown to be scientifically and ethically justified. OVMA encourages universities and other research institutions that use pound source animals to ensure that animals have been held for at least five working days and that reasonable efforts have been made to find their owners prior to making the animals available for research. Each year a small percentage of unwanted animals, which would otherwise be destroyed in pounds, are released according to the provisions of the Ontario Animals for Research Act to Universities and other research institutions for use in essential Biomedical Research. The Act allows the acquisition of unwanted animals from pounds while recognizing the right of the pound-keepers to maintain these animals on their premises in hopes of adoption. If these pound source animals were not available, there would be a need to breed and rear additional animals solely for these purposes adding not only to the loss of more animal lives but also the creation of large dog rearing farms and the inherent problems that may result. At a time when thousands of unwanted dogs and cats are killed annually in pounds, additional animal death is unjustifiable. (February 5, 2014 Board)

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