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does not injure itself or aspirate vomit. Vital parameters should be monitored. If hospitalization is required, it is rarely needed for more than 24 hours. Although intra-lipid emulsion therapy can be used due to the very high lipophilicity of cannabis, it is rarely needed. Since there is near absence of cannabinoid receptors in the brain stem, marijuana does not stimulate the autonomic nervous system. Mortality is low; the previously mentioned study in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care showed a mortality rate of 1.6%, and the deaths could not be definitely attributed to marijuana exposure. Client education Although the legalization of marijuana happened a few months ago, this legalization does not immediately extend to pets. Veterinarians commonly prescribe off-label medications, however marijuana is not currently a substance that has enough research regarding its medicinal use in companion animals to provide backing for off label use. However, it is likely that veterinarians will have a significant increase in requests from pet owners to prescribe marijuana and its products for their pets. Until more research is available, the safest approach is to not prescribe marijuana products for pets. If owners are still interested to use medical marijuana for their pets against FDA/regulatory advice, they should look for: Water-soluble hemp (increases absorption by 80%) Look for USDA certified organic (it has to meet strict criteria of not been contaminated with harmful ingredients to achieve this status) Look for 0.0% THC- the maximum allowed is 0.3% THC by law in medicinal marijuana products References available from the authors on request. 2019 OVMA Conference 240 TABLE OF CONTENTS 15001 duquE WEBB - MEdICAL uSE ANd TOxICOSIS OF MARIJuANA IN VETERINARy pRACTICE

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